Cloudnine Hospitals operates more than 20 hospitals across India, delivering maternity and neonatal care to hundreds of patients on a daily basis.   With staff that needs access to data ‘on-the’fly’ and regulations to ensure data is kept for years, Cloudnine needed data that was safely archived, easily searchable and available at all times.   To… (Show more)
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Monique Lucey
In a recent survey by Enterprise Strategy Group on converged infrastructure trends, 83% of customers surveyed said that converged infrastructure technology has made their IT organization more agile.     At Hitachi NEXT 2018, we’re talking to three customers first-hand about their journey toward IT agility with converged infrastructure solutions… (Show more)
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Jared Matkin
Hitachi Vantara and SUSE Alliance Based on a deep history in Linux and open sources solutions, along with an open philosophy to be more compatible with other vendors up and down the software stack, SUSE is committed to building and growing strong alliances with hardware partners like Hitachi Vantara.   That collaboration is visible and available… (Show more)
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Bill Schmarzo
Sometimes I write a blog because I’ve learned something new that I’m eager to share.  And sometimes I write a blog because we’ve just done something enlightening in one of my classes or client exercises.  But sometimes I write a blog because I don’t know anything about a topic, and writing a blog is the best way to force myself to learn what I… (Show more)
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Bjorn Andersson
Guest Contributor: Carrie MacGillivray, Group Vice President, Internet of Things, IDC   The oceans of data we swim through are already having profound impacts on the way we make decisions and process information. This blog, authored by Carrie MacGillivray, IDC Group Vice President, Internet of Things & Mobility, explores key actions organizations… (Show more)
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Ken Wood
Introducing Plug-in Machine Intelligence by Mark Hall and Ken Wood     Today, the need to swiftly operationalize machine learning based solutions to meet the challenges of businesses is more pressing than ever. The ability to create, deploy and scale a company’s business logic to quickly take advantage of opportunities or react to changes is… (Show more)
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Hu Yoshida
Various world organizations and financial institutions have sought to develop a digitization index to evaluate a country’s ability to provide the necessary environment for business to succeed in an increasingly digitized global economy. The following study was done in 2016 and is interesting since it shows a strong correlation between digitization… (Show more)
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Summer Matheson
Last week I checked off a few more firsts for myself here at Hitachi Vantara by attending Flash Memory Summit, meeting a customer and introducing that customer to a panel of about 100 attendees (public speaking, yikes!).   Our customer, Ryan Rady is an Infrastructure Architect with National Government Services (NGS), a wholly owned subsidiary of… (Show more)
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Hu Yoshida
On one of my trips to Singapore in June 2016, I was invited to meet with a new startup in the telco space. A company called MyRepublic. MyRepublic was started in 2011 to leverage Singapore’s exciting Next Gen NBN roll-out – the first of many National Broadband Networks (NBN) happening in the Asia Pacific region. By January 2014, this startup was… (Show more)
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Lauren Klein
  Check out the latest blog that CTO Paul Lewis shared as we gear up for VMware's #VMworld 2018.   I Call Dibs on MODERNIZE IT
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Shawn Rosemarin
I confess, I often dream of skiing “fresh tracks” in deep powder on big mountains. I spend an equal amount of time evangelizing all things Hitachi Vantara as our Global SVP & CTO fueled by a passion of technology and how it can not only help organizations increase their revenues and profitability, but drive significant benefits to society as a… (Show more)
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Paul Lewis
  I live by one and only one fundamental rule of fairness: Calling Dibs.   Its quite possibly the most powerful word structure of human existence allowing for the immediately prioritized claim of goods.  The use of Dibs requires everyone else to gracefully bow out, tip their hat, and look for other opportunities to be the first.  Dibs overrules… (Show more)
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Hu Yoshida
Data centers are digitally transforming from being an infrastructure provider to a provider of the right service at the right time and the right price. Workloads are becoming increasingly distributed, with applications running in public and private clouds as well as in traditional enterprise data centers. Applications are becoming more modular,… (Show more)
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