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Govanna Flores
Deciding on a cloud strategy that is right for your business can often be as nebulous as the clouds currently hovering over my office. What we do know for sure is the initial rush to the cloud seems to have corrected itself, in fact, according to ESG research, 41% of organizations currently using IaaS have moved at least one application/workload

Nirvana Farhadi
In part 1 of this vlog series, you learned about what RegTech (Regulatory Technology) is and why it’s important for financial services. Part 2 covered the biggest achievements in RegTech over the past year, what the future holds for RegTech, and the next steps your organization should take to be successful. In part 3 of this series
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Ken Wood
Introducing Plug-in Machine Intelligence by Mark Hall and Ken Wood     Today, the need to swiftly operationalize machine learning based solutions to meet the challenges of businesses is more pressing than ever. The ability to create, deploy and scale a company’s business logic to quickly take advantage of opportunities or react