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Nick DeRoo
IntroductionOn October 3rd, 2018 MapR announced the general availability of MapR version 6.1. This release offers much improved storage management capabilities that now include the ability to tier cool, cold, or frozen data to the Hitachi Content Platform (HCP). As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, our customers are asking for solutions to… (Show more)
Kevin McMahon
When I query /views/ldevs view, the results are not accurate.  When I query for unassigned LDEVs as described in the HCM REST API Guide, it returns ldevs that have already been consumed.  IN the example below ldevID:1 is actually already defined and in use.   url = "views/ldevs?$query=ldev.isDefined eq false&$count=1&$query=ldev.ldevId gt… (Show more)
Timothy Palace
IntroductionCOSBench is an open source project originally developed by Intel to test the performance of cloud object stores (OBS) in a quick and scalable way. COSBench is currently the industry standard OBS benchmarking tool and potential Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) customers rely on COSBench results when choosing between object storage… (Show more)
Marek Kaszycki
Hi,   I have a problem converting a date to ISO format in the Date Conversion stage. There are two possible formats for the date: Fri, 2 Feb 2018 07:57:34 +0100 Fri, 2 Feb 2018 07:57:34 +0100 (CET)   I have modified the standard Date Conversion stage, added my field name, and: - regular expression:… (Show more)
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Govanna Flores
Deciding on a cloud strategy that is right for your business can often be as nebulous as the clouds currently hovering over my office. What we do know for sure is the initial rush to the cloud seems to have corrected itself, in fact, according to ESG research, 41% of organizations currently using IaaS have moved at least one application/workload… (Show more)
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vladimir hurinsky
Hello, customer have servers Lenovo x240/240M5 and storage HUS130, HUS 150 with block size for volumes and VSP G400. they are problems with esx 5.5 and response time on app. we are require upgrade esx to 6.0 or 6.5 with hdlm drivers. can you send me when is VIB drivers for esx? HDL are only setup.exe and customer can response, if will be problem… (Show more)
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Jinyang Yu
Recently, we heard that the controller inside the VSP-G900 is capable of mounting up to four processor boards (consisting of 8 cores) per controller. This structure is understood as the structure of the VSP-G1x00 series, and it is known as VSD.   Does the VSP-G900 model have such an architecture? In other words, does the processor board exist… (Show more)
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