GAD reserved LDEV

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I had to delete a few GAD LDEVs and ran into a "GAD reserved" LDEV.

LunPaths, Hostgroups and P-Vol had been removed but I couldn't delete the S-Vol

This small manual will explain how to fix that.

For this manual lets say that we are using

storageBox1 SN:123456(P-Vol)

storageBox2 SN:123789(S-Vol)



LDEV 00:01:0F


Go to the CCI CMD on your management server. HORCM files a stored on this server.

start horcm


>horcmstart.exe 1 2


check the LDEV status.

>raidcom get ldev -ldev_id 01:0f -IH1 -fx

P-Vol should look something like this

Serial#  : 123456

LDEV : 10f


>raidcom get ldev -ldev_id 01:0f -IH2 -fx

S-Vol has the ffff(= reserved) tag.

Serial#  : 123789

LDEV : 10f VIR_LDEV : ffff


So now lets get rid of that reserved tag.

>raidcom unmap resource -ldev_id 01:0f -virtual_ldev_id reserve -IH2


Check the S-Vol again

>raidcom get ldev -ldev_id 01:0f -IH2 -fx

Serial#  : 123789

LDEV : 10f VIR_LDEV : fffe

LDEV now has the tag fffe(=deleted)

Now you can delete your LDEV