HNAS Local User Authentication

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Step 1 - Setting up the local users


local-password-set HOSTNAME\username password


:$ local-password-set\testuserfull secretpassword
:$ local-password-set\testuserrw secretpassword

:$ local-password-set\testuserro secretpassword


Step 2 - Configure the SID mapping for the new users


user-mappings-add --nt-name HOSTNAME\username --nt-id number


:$ user-mappings-add --nt-name\testuserfull --nt-id S-1-81-0
:$ user-mappings-add --nt-name\testuserrw --nt-id S-1-81-1

:$ user-mappings-add --nt-name\testuserro --nt-id S-1-81-2:


Step 3 - Configure the SMB share access on EVS 2 for the newly created local user accounts


cifs-saa add name-of-share HOSTNAME\username af


$ evs-select 2

:$ cifs-saa add test-share\testuserfull af
:$ cifs-saa add test-share\testuserrw acr

:$ cifs-saa add test-share\testuserro ar


And then if we try this in CMD


:C:\>net use *\test-share secretpassword /USER:\testuserfull


Or using Explorer: