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Download the sample output from the ivy demos at https://hcpanywhere.hds.com/u/rR1b5CQdW8W_HVvl/ivy_sample_output.tgz?l


Use the ivy output file loader Excel tool to make it easier to pick out the particular info you are interested in from the output from any of the demos.


Not all the demos have videos - will make more upon demand - Ian.


Some of the demos come in two flavours

  • One "DF" flavour from running the demo on an AMS2100 subsystem.

These demos should run the same on any vendor's equipment - well, actually where we select the test config by LDEV, we'd need to select by whatever attribute name is provided by that vendor's SCSI Inquiry lun lister tool.

  • One "RAID" flavour from running the demo on an VSP Gx00 subsystem with a command device.

These demos have more detailed configuration data retrieved from the command device, as well as by-subinterval detailed subsystem performance data retrieved from the command device in real time.

NOTE: The demos showing the additional functionality available with a command device connector are provided for two reasons

      1. To illustrate the full functionality of ivy.
      2. To show other vendors the functionality they can implement by developing their own connectors to their own subsystems.

The separately packaged ivy command device connector is Hitachi proprietary for internal Hitachi/HDS lab use and is not and will not be part of the ivy open source project.


It is recommended to watch the DF version first and then the RAID version, as the RAID version generally builds on the DF version.


Some demos which depend on having a command device, such as performing dynamic feedback control on subsystem MP % busy or subsystem PG % busy come in only one flavour.  The functionality illustrated in these demos is not available on other subsystem types.  Other vendors, if they write their own real-time connector to retrieve subsystem config/perf data, could implement the same functionality.



Watch video
demo 0 - simply discover test config - DF
demo 0 - simply discover test config - RAID
demo 1 - fixed - DF
demo 1 - fixed - RAID

demo 2 - create rollup

NOTE: There is one video for demo 2, but in the ivy demo output there are both DF and RAID versions

demo 3 - layered workloads

(demo output has both DF & RAID versions)

demo 5 - measure read vs. write

(demo output has both DF & RAID versions)s