Replication List Maker

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rEplication List MakEr v1.0.1





Replication List Maker (RL) is simple tools to get list of Hitachi Replication from  Hitachi Enterprise Storage Subsystems.





If you have problems, question, suggestion to regarding this application, please mail to me:





I.    General notice

II.  Minimum system requirements

III. How to use

IV.  Application Hotkeys

V.    Application Menu structure & specific notice


I.    General notice

  Only support with Hitachi Enterprise Subsystems, eg:VSP, VSP G1000, HUSVM, USPV & USPVM.


II.  Minimum system requirements


For windows 8, you must do below instructions before use it:

  • Open Windows Command Prompt by right click the icon then “Run as Administrator”.
  • Goto apps directory
  • Execute this command:

regsvr32.exe MSCOMCTL.OCX

III. How to use

There is 2 mode to run this application   

1.  Normal MODE

Just run the exe file & see below screenshoot.



2. Offline MODE

To run as offline mode you must do using command line as below screenshot & put all replication configuration output file same directory with application path

R:\Replication List>Replication List.exe -S [Serial Number] 3.png

But, before you can run as offline mode. You must dump/collect replication configuration output first using this command. 4 files will created after finish processing.

R:\Replication List>Replication List.exe SAVE 4.png


Sample output


IV.  Application Hotkeys

  • Ctrl + C  :  Copy selected records when focus on ListView Table (TAB Delimeted) then paste to Excel or text editor.
  • Ctrl + A  :  Select All record when focus on ListView Table.
  • Ctrl + S  :  Save selected records as CSV (TAB Delimeted) file

V.    Application Menu structure & specific notice

Specific notice:

  • Before you use this application you must install CCI & configure horcm properly. Please test start horcm service before use it.
  • You can Copy all contents then paste to excel or any text editor.