• PIIwithsinworkflow05302018.bundle

    This is the Workflow in the Halo lab.  It has the Data connectors to credit card and sin on the local file share.  The pipeline includes tagging for Amex, Visa, SSN, and Canadian SIN.  The index feature...
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  • PII with HCI

    This is a WebEx over view of HCI doing a PII search.  We use American Express &Visa credit cards, regex along with US social security numbers regex and Canadian SIN Regex and LUHN stage that was created to ve...
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  • Comic book app and index retirement with HCI-20180529 1644-1.mp4

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  • app retirement and index merging with HCI.pptx

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  • HDI 6.4 Maximums

    This is an excerpt of appendix H, from the Hitachi Data Ingestor Installation and Configuration Guide
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  • Hitachi Vantara at Red Hat Summit 2018 - Booth #245

    Come and see the endless possibilities in open source from Hitachi! Red Hat Summit 2018 | May 8-10, 2018 Moscone Center | San Francisco, CA | #RHSummit     Red Hat Summit is the premier open source techno...
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  • Preferred training method

    What is your preferred training method?
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  • HCI oracle connector demo 20180227.mp4

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  • Hitachi Sponsors Strata Data Conference 2018

    Strata Data Conference 2018 | March 5-8, 2018 San Jose Convention Center | San Jose, CA     Registration is OPEN! View Registration Details Here   Want to Learn More about the Strata Data Confere...
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  • Metadata Examples

    We have complied a list of fields and metadata that can be found in HCI using some of the stages.  Several folks have been asking for what we can find.  Please use the attached Excel document as a reference....
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  • Hitachi Sponsors SHARE 2018

    SHARE Sacramento 2018 | March 11-16, 2018 Sacramento Convention Center | Sacramento, CA | #SHAREsac   Registration is OPEN Register here!   Hitachi at #SHAREsac Hitachi is a Silver Premier Partner f...
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  • HCP Data Migrator Examples

    This file shows how to use the build-in HCP Data Migrator with the Windows JAVA GUI and the Windows/Ubuntu CLI On GitHub, an open-sourced version of HCP-DM is available.
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  • Visual Basic Sample Code - HCP Explorer demo

    HCP Explorer is just a Visual Basic sample code to illustrate how to put and get data with Hitachi Content Platform and the free edition of Microsoft Visual Studio. Sure on Hitachi Community web site, there are other...
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  • Hitachi Vantara Story for Partners

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  • Have a Question?

    Have a Question?  Post your question in one of the Pentaho Community Forums below.
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  • Hitachi Data Instance Director Support Matrix

    Hitachi Data Instance Director (HDID) | HDS
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  • Hitachi Visualization Suite Demo

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  • Pentaho PDI Dataset plugin.pdf

    Documentation for the PDI Dataset Plugin.
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  • CruisingAndBumping.m4v

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  • Cloud Services

    A lot of companies are looking at cloud as a form of IOT and Digital Transformation. How does Hitachi differ when it comes to the Cloud space.
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