• Logging Status of Files Read by Pentaho Text File Input Step

    I'm trying to use a Text File Input step with wildcards(regexpressions) to read a bunch of files(say 100) from a directory. This is working fine. But what I'd like to know is whether there is a way to log which all fi...
    nathan steele
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  • How to Schedule a job?

    I need to pull record from Oracle db and push to MS SQL server using job scheduling. can you please any one explain how to create job scheduling in Pentaho ETL 8.1 Community Edition
    Premkumar Manipillai
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  • do we have a step by step document how to configure the F5 Load Balancer for our HCP System?

    Pls refer to Document  "F5 BigIP & HCP Quickstart DRAFT v1.2.3 - Working "
    Anton Schwarz
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  • Pentaho javascript code variable object

    I am trying to navigate my object with the response of my rest client method, this response is theoretically a JSON Object such that. {"457": {"2": {"value": "53.8", "timestamp": 1534257707}, "3": {"value": "21.9", "t...
    Manuel b munoz
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  • PDI Spoon 3.2.0 & Oracle 12.2

    We are running PDI Spoon version 3.2.0, and are looking to move to Oracle 12.2. Has anyone else had success with that combination?   * I understand we are WAYYY behind but but it is what it is, for now.
    Keith Reischl
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  • how can i create a repository using kettle9.0

    Back in pentaho client 8.0 or other version i can click the "connect" button to create a repository. Yesterday i downloaded the latest version from git then i got data integration 9.0, but there's no way i can find a ...
    huang alex
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  • Error when opening files

    Hi...I installed the BI-server CE 8.1 on windows 10 and MySQL...after some issues solved I was able to login into the server...When attempting to open any analysis, let's say: BrowseFiles==> public==> SteelWheel...
    Eric Rosales
    created by Eric Rosales
  • Pentaho licenses cost

    Hi Team,   If we need to utilize PDI tool in order to enable Receiving data, Transforming data and moving to a different database whether it is open source of the client or we should enable community or enterpr...
    Sivapriya Sivaprakasam
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  • Template cdf render just {content}

    Hello!   I have a dashbord-template with a header, nav-bar, {content} and footer. This content calls an .xcdf file by clicking on an item in the nav-bar. The problem is that every time I click on a nav-bar item,...
    elsa santos
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  • Training

    I need urgent assistance registering for the following "Managing Hitachi Storage with Hitachi Command Suite v8.x TSI2565" the training is scheduled for San Jose 17th - 21st Sept, 2018. Anyone attending the training ...
    Kolawole Adediran
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  • PDI 8.0 start up error

    When I start PDI on Mac HighSierra from the console I get an error message: "org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Exported package names cannot be zero length."   A detailed log can be found on this Jira ticket:...
    Sebastian Lechner
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  • Cloudnine Hospitals Provide Greater Service to Expectant Mothers

    Cloudnine Hospitals operates more than 20 hospitals across India, delivering maternity and neonatal care to hundreds of patients on a daily basis.   With staff that needs access to data ‘on-the’fly&#...
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  • Can I mix 1.9TB and 800GB SSD on HCP G10 ?

    Yes. However you need to make sure the software is version (v7.3.2) or higher to recognize the 1.9TB Also realize, the object count is limited to 800M/node when installed with smaller 800GB SSD.   It's also O...
    Steven Looby
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  • Java virtual machine launcher error- A java exception has occurred

    Hi All,   I am using Pentaho CE version 6. We don't have a db repository or a file based repository for this. We are using the kettle and spoon bat files to create our jobs and running them accordingly and every...
    Nilesh Purohit
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  • Global Digital Competitiveness Update

    While researching my last blog post on the relationship between digitization and GDP per Capita,I came across some interesting articles.   One article was from the Harvard Business Review in July 2017.  60 C...
    Hu Yoshida
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  • Looking  for documents and process to microcode

    Hello , Could some one please share the process to upgrade the HUS VM to 73-03-60 . What impact is has when doing the upgrade . Whether it is rolling upgrades , and what things to check post the upgrade process Any ...
    Anand Vihar
    created by Anand Vihar
  • Oracle , HNAS , HDID snapshut failed

    Dear all I have a Oracle 11g r2 DB that build on HNAS 4080 NFS share. I try to create an Oracle snapshut by HDID . I got a failed.... Any help .... Thanks~   Error 0 Sequence script 'Application' failed: ...
    Tiki Lin
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  • REST API Question for a newbie

    Hello,   I am new to Hitachi. We have a bunch of AMS2500, HINAS and a few VSP's. I have installed the Hitachi Configuration Manager for REST API. But Have not found a way to register the storage system with conf...
    Shyam Hazari
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  • 500 Internal Server Error with HCS REST API

    In my python script, I'm attempting to create a host group. The following curl command works, and initiates a job as expected: curl -v  -H "Accept:application/json" -H "Content-Type:application/json" -H "Authori...
    Jake Larrimore
    created by Jake Larrimore
  • Webinar: Build Data Pipelines To Support IoT Analytics | September 10, 2018

    Description  The rapid increase of sensor devices in the industrial realm has created a wealth of data. These sensors can report on a host of conditions, including temperature, moisture, pressure, the working or...
    Jill Ross
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