• CDE and Date Input Component to use a parameter for SQL

    Hi everyone, I want to use a "Date input Component " to use as a parameter input to a DataSource query, but I can't transform the date format to the one I should use for this DataSource. let's say: My datasource "s...
    Pierre MENGA
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  • Who is the current project manager for HOIS/HSDP?

    Who internal to Hitachi is managing the Hitachi Operational Intelligence Solutions and or Hitachi Streaming Data Platform? Looks like the last person in charge is no longer with the company and no one has replaced them.
    Christopher Rohland
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  • Integration with Power BI

    I am new to BI tools.  I have one product (CaraSolva) that will use Power BI, and one that will use Pentaho.  I would like to use Pentaho to connect to the Power BI cube.  Is this possible?
    Lisa Bieber
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  • kettle的carte集群在k8s中无法启动

    LL W
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  • Extract Metadata (Tika) from GDAL Files

    GDAL is an open source project that extracts information from geospatial files. You can install command line tools like gdalinfo and it will extract lots of information from the files. In Tika, there appears to be i...
    Clifford Grimm
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  • How to add X Axis values to the top of a Bar Chart

    Hi! I'm creating a dashboard using Pentaho CE, I want to create something like this:     I don't want to show the categories in the X axis but to show them on the top of the bar, could you tell me how to ...
    Mauricio Valencia
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  • Pentaho Data Integration (PDI), Python and Deep Learning

    Anand Rao, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Pentaho     1 Deep Learning – What is the Hype?  According to Zion Market Research, the deep learning (DL) market will increase from $2.3 billion i...
    Evan Cropper
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  • Consuming realtime data that is pushed to pentaho

    I'm a newbie here, and I'm wondering how feasible it is to use kettle/pentaho when a datasource needs to push data to a pentaho server - I see use cases where data is pulled from a datasource and then consumed, but I ...
    James Lorenzo
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  • Image Data Extraction with HCI

    Is HCI capable (or can it be made capable via plugins, SDK, etc.) of extracting content from images? The use case is this; large rental car company takes pictures of their fleet when someone drives out of one of their...
  • Virtualize G600 behind HUS VM, is it possible ?

    Hi there   have this HUS VM, setup two ports as Externals, there is also G600. Everything is setup (SAN, hostgroup on G600 with LDEVs, external ports on HUS VM), nevertheless SN@HUS VM does not catch remote LDEV...
    Jorge Carrizo
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  • Pentaho Community Meeting 2018: Presentations, pictures and summary

    Hi everyone,   thank you for attending Pentaho Community Meeting 2018! With 220 attendees from 5 continents and 29 speakers it was a great event.   This page contains all PCM18 resources - summaries of the...
    Ruth H
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  • New to Hitachi storages

    Originally posted by: srinu Hi Experts I am new to Hitachi storages, but have good knowledge on Sun storages. Can some one please let me know , normally which software is used to create LDEV in 9990 storage. Ho...
    Legacy HDS Forums
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  • Maximum LDEVs capacity.

    Dear Experts, Could you please let me know  maximum 1 LDEV capacity that I can create with Hitachi G600? thank you in advance.
    Infra Team
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  • Performance during Quick Format

    Can someone explain what is meant here ? How can i verify an HDP page is formated ? Is it OPE_RATE 100 ? Can we manualy force pre-format to avaid formatting delay ? SN does not allow to chose format or quick forma...
    Sven Weidenmann
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  • How to resolve MySQL connection death after 8 hours?

    Hi all!   Could you please let me know how you solve JNDI connection error? I get next errors:   #1. SQLBaseComponent.ERROR_0006 - Could not execute test.xaction com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLNonT...
    Natalie Sus
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  • kettle pdi-ce- error on rename Excel Input Step in transformation

    Hello,   maby I'm wrong with my issue on this community? I have the following question, Question and Description please find here: kettle pdi-ce- error on rename Excel Input Step in transformation ...
    Thorsten Planitz
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  • Please anyone tell me how to get hitachi hus-vm,vsp g200 admin guides(gui) for storage provisioning.

    Hello all,   Please anyone tell me how to get hitachi hus-vm,vsp g200 admin guides(gui) for storage provisioning.   Thanks in advance.
  • Is it possible to configure two storage pools to different sites by using 'sd-mirror-remotely' command and HUR in HNAS?

    I replicated the Storage Pool (SP01) in HNAS using HUR on VSP Gx00 and "sd-mirror-remotely" on HNAS(NAS Module) between Site1 and Site2 In addition to this, I would like to create a Storage Pool (SP02) from Site1, the...
    created by CHANGHYUN KIM
  • Achieve Intelligent Data Governance with Hitachi Vantara

    Most organizations today struggle with simply achieving a level of transparency with their data to understand how risky that data is, and more importantly, if that data has application to regulatory rules. Hitachi Van...
    Scott Baker
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  • MongoDB Input Step Cursor error with 8.1 version

    I recently upgraded to 8.1 PDI(community edition) from 7.1. The Mongo Input step was all working fine in the older version. But in the new version I am getting the below error.   com.mongodb.MongoCursorNotFound...