• add angular js as resource in dashboard

    I want to add AngularJS in my dashboard. I am aware that AngularJS is not AMD module so I will have to add it to shim, which I am trying to do. var requireConfig = requireCfg.config; if(!requireConfig['amd']) { requ...
    Raj Karan
    created by Raj Karan
  • Pentaho PDI 8 libwebkit error

    When I run spoon on Fedora 27 I get following error:   WARNING:  no libwebkitgtk-1.0 detected, some features will be unavailable     Consider installing the package with apt-get or yum. ...
    Uwe Geercken
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  • Legality limits of Pentaho CE

    Hi community, I wanted to know if it is legal to build dashboards and reports with Pentaho CE and sell it to clients without open sourcing the code for the dashboards and reports. I have been starting to read the GNU...
    eric b astier
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  • HNAS: 1.2 TB file copy to CIFS share

    One of the HNAS users is trying to copy a single file of 1.2 TB size to a HNAS CIFS Share. But he is getting an error 'the operation is not permitted'. Is there a file size limitation for HNAS
    Ramesh Kondeti
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  • Hitachi iConnect App on iOS 11.2.2.

    I hope it's the right place to post my question because I couldn't find any other Hitachi official community. The iConnect app was working just fine when my iPhone 7 was running iOS 10. However that I updated to iOS 1...
    Garry Joshi
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  • how can i collect performace data from Hitachi VSP

    Hi Experts,   We are doing POC in our environment and I would like to understand how can i get the performance data from Hitachi VSP.   I had discussed with Storage Team and he suggested me they do have s...
    gnana sekar
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  • Marketplace have problems?

    I can't access to the pentaho marketplace. Attach my firefox log.
    Marc Vazquez
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  • Data never stops: Meta analytics for data driven decisions

    In the early days of my career as a Teradata programmer I didn’t care much about metadata. I was handling customer transactions and aggregating them by day-of-week and product type.  While I knew there was ...
    Geoffrey Marsh
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  • HCI Action input value API ?

    We have developed a plugin which deletes records from oracle database.We have created a workflow with delete action defined, currently it is deleting all the documents.Is there any HCI api available where I can pass d...
    Ashish Sable
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  • HCI plugin error logs ?

    I am geeting error while uploading my HCI plugin. Where shuould I check the plugin error log on HCI server?
    Ashish Sable
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  • Is HCI index data updated after re-running workflow?

    I have defined a workflow and in action it deletes record from datasource,data is getting deleted  from datasource. But when I query on index it shows me deleted records, I tried re-running workflow but still del...
    Ashish Sable
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  • “Muita gente fala sobre analytics sem saber utilizar e trabalhar corretamente os dados”

    Cristina Brisola, country manager da Hitachi Vantara, fala sobre a demanda por reposicionamento cultural e de mindset em uma estratégia de dados   Marcelo Sales*   A era digital pode ser chamada tamb...
    Marcelo Sales
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  • AEL Daemon endpoint limits

    Hey there,   I'm doing a few tests with the AEL on 8.0 and I'm getting this error when running one particular KTR and the execution does not start:   2018-01-10 13:01:30.575  INFO 98365 --- [io-53000-...
    Andre Simoes
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  • How to unzip multiple files for example (file.zip, file.z01, file.z02)?

    I am trying to unzip multiple compressed files but something is wrong;   The main file is:      file.zip and another one:      file.z01      file...
    Thiago Barbosa
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  • After CES 2018 - 5G Future and IoT Data Convergence

    Technology has a way of enabling advancements that can impact our daily lives in profound ways and each year in January the Consumer Electronics Show is held in Las Vegas to showcase all of the new year's technologica...
    Shane Archiquette
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  • Using Analytics To Find The Right Path

      During my recent Southern California road trip, I marveled at how easy it was to avoid the usual LA traffic bottlenecks and find the quickest way to the beach using Google Maps on my mobile phone.  This w...
    Richard Jew
    created by Richard Jew
  • HOWTO: Debug a task stuck in Running State

    Have a very simple configuration with a single node HCP and single node HCI. Also a very simple data connection and work flow.  I can run the work flow with the test option just fine, but when running it as a tas...
    Clifford Grimm
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  • Pentaho8 - D3 Components

    Hi,   Does anybody working with Pentaho8 and D3 Calendar Component?   I am able to create the calendar but not to populate.   Thanks in advance.   Manuel
    Manuel Besoain
    created by Manuel Besoain
  • Pentaho8 - Schedule problem

    Hi,   I am testing Pentaho8 Schedules. I created 2 jobs to be executed every day and every our each. Somehow Schedule is not working properly due to the job that is scheduled to run every our is not working at a...
    Manuel Besoain
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  • HCI CIFS logs  with read lines and parser-20180114 1358-1.mp4

    Troy Myers
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