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Robert Trujillo
The Jobs dashboard does not show any way of deleting the old failed jobs, only filtering. I downloaded and searched the grizzly folders and /var/log for the task number or keywords like "FAILED" and "create" but no hits. I have jobs that failed for incorrect IP or password etc. and want to remove the old failed jobs as "noise". Is there any way… (Show more)
in Storage Management
Pierre Billaudeau
We are planning on using HUR-SI combination in mainframe replication for many Customer disks we support. I do have a very basic question about how to go with different clients within the same storage systems (1source VSP and 1 target VSP). Is it best practice to isolate one Customer in its own BCM set of files (with its own CMD Devices and… (Show more)
in Storage Management
David Heydari
Hi All, We have a large number of hosts (>100) in several G1000 systems and we want to add additional path to them,  to do that in the GUI is a very sloooww process, my question is how we can do that in the CLI ?   I could not find any relevant command in the raidcom for that (similar to "Create Alternative LUN paths" in the GUI.   Thx David
in Storage Management
Greg Young
I am looking for a manual or set up procedure for Hi-track version 8.1.   I need to get event reporting for some  brocade switches set-up . I was able to make this work on version 8.0 and have a good idea of the process. Thanks in advance.
in Storage Management
Viswanath V
Click to view contentGreeting of the day,   Quickly i have 2 Questions -   1) On Storage Navigator one of the storage admin has been there is in modify mode - where in time out for him is 20 mins (just for instance) his system got hanged, it would take couple of minutes to turn it on...Is there any alternative way to log him off or change his console to view mode.… (Show more)
in Storage Management
Elmer c Cornelio
Click to view content  Hello; I have a Storage VSP G600 with two failed HDD. the two disks were manually blocked and the data copied onto the spare disks. Then those two disks were replaced. but they failed again.   Please, necesito ayuda.  
in Storage Management
Chuck b Strickland
we just installed HSA using the application installer. we can access the login screen but when we use sysadmin/sysadmin we get a login failed. how do we troubleshoot this?
in Storage Management
Arumuga Raja Sudalaiyandi
Hi All   Hope you are all doing well   I have a small query. How to identify the top 10 LDEVs from particular port? Thank you in advance.   Regards Arumuga Raja
in Storage Management
David Marsh
We have several arrays running site to site remote replication. peridocally a firewall between the sites fails over and causes an interuption in our remote replication paths. We recieve email alerts from both Hi-Track and the SVP that the paths have gone down. we have to log into storage navigator for each arrat to see if the paths are back to… (Show more)
in Storage Management
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