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Mateus silva
I'm trying to understand  how to make some modifications on the ccc charts.   I can't find a way to test stuff on the fly with the developer tool, so i'm using the "Advanced Properties > Post Execution" to to add and try stuff that I'm finding on the web.   If there is a better way please let me know.   I want to change the color and the sixe o… (Show more)
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Augusto Santos
Hi, im trying to find a way to create visualizations similitar to Visio Visual using pentaho.   Here is a example using Power BI: Power BI custom visual from Visio - Preview - YouTube Thanks
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Sanjay Dhanave
Hi All, I am trying to implement drill through on Pie chart in CDE dashboard, which should open new tabular report(child report) on click event. I followed steps mentioned in below blog but still not working.   Hitachi Vantara Pentaho - BI Suite Tutorials: Drill down from one dashboard to another dashboard - custom parameter exam…   Please… (Show more)
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Suresh Alavala
Hi, I am a JavaScript file which contain some function and one CDE dashboard which contain a bar chart. I have uploaded that js file using resource control and when i tried to check dashboard it didn't show any changes from there. I am not sure why it didn't display any function/changes from js file. May be this js file will not bind with… (Show more)
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Manuel Besoain
Hi,   Does anybody using FusionChart on Pentaho8.1?   I used on Pentaho8 but I cannot find it on Marketplace.   Thanks in advance.   Manuel
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Emannuel Roque
Hi, I'm trying to install CTE in a fresh pentaho server (8.2 CE + java 8 + ubuntu).     Using marketplace I'm getting this error:     Do you want to install? Error occurred when installing plugin Community Text Editor.[ Failed to execute install, see log for details.]     The catalina.out complains about the zip file.     22:26:33,152 ERROR… (Show more)
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Roguen Keller
Hi everyone. I'm new to pentaho. Currently, I face an issue with CDE dashboard, I created some dashboards which is using some external resources (js, css), then deploying it to the end user. After that, I made some changes to external js and css files. The problem is that those changes is not respected until they  clear the browser cache. It's… (Show more)
Alberto b Gutierrez
Hi! Im newbie with Ctools and Im trying to change the calendar of the date input component to make it start on monday instead on sunday. is it possible? I have tried inserting code on pre-excution property of the component, but it doesn't work...or maybe I'm doing it badly. can someone help with it? thanks in advance!!
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Ravikumar Kamma
Hello All,   Whenever I access any chart from CDE I gets this error and execution stops.   ERROR [org.pentaho.platform.web.servlet.GenericServlet] GenericServlet.ERROR_0004 - Resource /common-ui/resources/web/compressed/pentaho/type/Context.js not found in plugin common-ui   I checked, Context.js is not available at the specified path. Where… (Show more)
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We are using a FilterComponent in one of our dashboards, everything works as expected but internationalization.   After triying some workarounds, we can't figure out how to change language in this component, neither can find any component documentation solving this.   Any idea would be welcome
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