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Lumada: Five Components of Lumada IoT Platform

Blog Post created by Rob Tiffany Employee on Oct 24, 2017

The Five Pillars of Lumada


End-to-end IoT ecosystem integrates advanced analytics, AI and machine learning to deliver transformative insights

By Rob Tiffany – CTO, Lumada


Your competitors are trying to accelerate their digital transformation just like you are. Choosing the right IoT platform for your business will get you there quickly. Lumada gives you the intelligence, composability, security and flexibility to drive innovation and continuous improvement while keeping you ahead of your competitors. Let’s take a moment to look at the five pillars of Lumada’s end-to-end IoT ecosystem and what they can do for you.


Pillar One: Lumada Edge

With sensors creating mountains of data from smart machines and applications, you need to easily integrate all this information into your business operations. With data prioritization, filtering and real-time edge analytics, Lumada makes it easy to securely speed data integration. This means whether it’s a terabyte a day from your fabrication lab or a terabyte an hour from an autonomous vehicle—it all has to be integrated while reducing costs and latency. And that’s not all: Lumada edge provides a complete, real-time view of asset status so you can put the right information in the hands of right people without compromising security.


Pillar Two: Lumada Core

Managing assets and integrating data from assets into business systems is key to the success of any IoT initiative. Lumada core streamlines this process by connecting assets, collecting data and using open APIs to make information available for analysis—and provides centralized identity and access management via secure credentials across your assets, edge gateways and services. Using asset avatars, Lumada core provides a 360-degree view of all your physical assets in real time, so you can activate automation at the edge while sending sensor information to an analytics system in your central office.


Pillar Three: Lumada Analytics

Lumada analytics uses machine learning and data mining tools to uncover patterns in equipment and device data, and fine tunes your assets for better operational efficiency. You can make more informed, data-driven decisions and use predictive and preventive maintenance measures to avoid costly breakdowns and delays. Lumada is composable, so you can keep your in-house analytic systems, and integrate Lumada analytics with your business applications.


Pillar Four: Lumada Studio

To effectively monitor connected IoT devices across your organization, you need a real-time dashboard. Lumada studio provides a graphical environment for creating interactive web-based dashboards and user-defined reports, and for managing alerts and notifications. You use plug-ins to connect to data sources and applications, and retrieve and blend human, machine, and business data from anywhere to optimize performance based on real-time insights.


Pillar Five: Lumada Foundry

Lumada foundry provides the underlying framework for the Lumada IoT platform. This platform-as-a-service foundation for Lumada is based on a distributed microservices architecture. With Lumada foundry, you can easily deploy, upgrade and scale services like security and support for software residing on-premises or in the cloud.


Get on the Road to IoT Success with Lumada


Enterprises are already deploying IoT solutions to leverage data across their organizations and gaining insights that help them innovate faster, respond to new opportunities, improve operations, reduce costs and gain market share. But without an end-to-end IoT platform that streamlines the entire process—from asset integration and management to data collection and analytics—many companies struggle to get the IoT benefits they’re looking for.


Hitachi brings decades of OT and IT experience to the Lumada IoT platform. We understand the challenges of connecting everything and the opportunities that arise when organizations illuminate their data. Whether you’re just getting started with your IoT initiative or already transforming your business, Lumada will help simplify and accelerate your IoT success.


See how you can put Lumada to work for your business and maximize the value of your data with our intelligent IoT platform.


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