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Shyam Hazari
Hello,   I am new to Hitachi. We have a bunch of AMS2500, HINAS and a few VSP's. I have installed the Hitachi Configuration Manager for REST API. But Have not found a way to register the storage system with configuration manager. Familiar with Perl/Python. Appreciate if someone point a link on a step by step procedure for registering a Hitachi… (Show more)
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Juanjo Ortilles
Hi.   I saw the app buider it's not by default in Pentaho 8.0 but you can install from the marketplace.   But in Pentaho 8.1 it is not even available in the marketplace.   I made a plugin WAQE-EN - Jortilles  wich is based in app builder. So it does not work in 8.1   How to get it back? is any way / plan about it?   All plugins based on app… (Show more)
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venkat sai kanchu katla
Hi, I wrote a java code to upload the files into the HCP namespace folder. I am also able to retrieve the objects from the folders using my java code. But I don't know how to get the list of contents in a HCP namespace folder using java. Is there any better way to query the list of contents of the HCP namespace folders and get the list of file… (Show more)
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Cyrus Hadian
Hi, My company uses Pentaho version 5.1 and there seems to be a visual defect with the Filter drop down option (see attached). Any idea how to fix this? There are a few work arounds, but we're looking for a permanent fix.   Thanks!
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Lothar Schubert
I found the Lumada Python SDK and want to know how to use it. Is there a Hello World for that SDK somewhere?
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Andy Parkinson
We use Zabbix for monitoring our network and I'd like to add some monitoring for the VSP G200 that we have installed. I saw a reference suggesting there might be some Zabbix templates on but that URL seems to no longer work. Any suggestions for where I might find some Zabbix templates to… (Show more)
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jialong wang
kettle cluster:  master01, slave01, slave02 it's successful to testing while i create new connection for impala or hive, and it can be success while i use local mode or choose the server which i start  to extract data from impala. so, i think there is no any impala driver issue should be happened.   my question is : why the job failed… (Show more)
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Rahul b Ram
Hi All, I have a requirement of displaying a dial chart on my report, with using Pentaho Report Designer. I do not find any straight forward way to do it. Any idea how it can be done? I have explored writing an expression and etc as suggested in the book  "Pentaho reporting 3.5 for Java Developers - Chapter 11". But it didn't work.
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