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Jonathan Shafer
Created in 1886, the TIMELAB Foundation provides two of the most prestigious horological (relating to timepieces such as clocks and watches) certifications: the Poinçon de Genève and the Observatoire Chronométrique +.   In maintaining their mission of full independence and neutrality, their laboratory offers horology
The purpose of play is to educate, inspire and allow kids to dream! Learn how the manufacturers of Paw Patrol, hatchimals, etch-a-sketch and more, transformed from a toy company to an entertainment business.  Spin Master provides now manufactures award-winning toys, webisodes, TV, feature films and more to make life more fun!    
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Andrea Cicerchia
Gateway HNAS and GAD.   it is supported a GAD configuration betwin 4 HNAS 4080 nodes?   two nodes in the first site connected to the first storage and the other two nodes in the second site, connected to the second GAD's storage. My customer wants a 4 nodes cluster but need the NDMP on FC for backup, for this reason I cannot use the