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Rahul Bhat
Recently , I am across some interesting work in the field of FC SAN, which is target driven zoning( from EMC & Brocade folks) , which allows the storage array to talk to the switch and send the zoning information to the switch ( after the mapping is completed ) and the switch basically based on the mapping  information from the array ,

Nick Britton
is anyone using powershell to make your rest api calls with?  If so have you found that to be a good platform to use or would you recommend another language to use for automations.   We are looking to start using the api's to do full allocation deployments, from registering the host to allocations.
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Pedro Goncalves
Mondrian Data Integration Pentaho Reporting Data Mining Suite of Open Source reporting tools that enables the creation of relational and analytical reports from a wide range of data sources.     Description Transform all your data into meaningful information, tailored to your audience with Pentaho Reporting, a suite of Open
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Marco Damiao
Good afternoon,   Last week we migrated from Pentaho CE 6 to Pentaho CE 8, and we migrated our app. Everything is working like a charm except for exporting datatables with large data.   The issue is that in Pentaho 8 excel export takes from 5 to 15 min to export 15k to 60k lines, and as alternative CSV export takes seconds to do the